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I give this company a low rating.I am applicant and have accepted a job offer contingent upon a background screening, which I gave permission and submitted on 8/30/2017.

We are now in October and every time I call to check status [888-889-4099] they give an additional three days and claim to be waiting on courts. I have personally called the Courts in question and the Courts have instructed me to call the business (Sterling Solutions) because background checks are expected to be in completed within 10 business days. I have waited over 30 business days and Sterling still can not explain what or why we are waiting on the courts.

Very disappointed, expected to be working shortly after submitting the background and it appears the people at Sterling Solutions care little.Someone should be inclined to know why they are not to be hired, instead of holding back one's background report, and further one should have the right to get a copy of their background report if they are to be refused employment.

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Sterling Solutions - AcaiOptimum Rip off

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We looked on the internet and found a free trail of their product and you only pay for shipping.After putting in my info and hitting sumit, we found a charge for $99.96.

I called 2 min after we order to be told there is no cancellation. I demanded it be cancelled to be hung up on. I called back to find my phone number had be locked from their system. I called on my cell to be told my order had been cancelled and a refund in process 3-5 days.

Called after timeframe to find out it hadn't been done. Called bank to cancel card and dispute charge to find out the next month the charge for $99.96 was charged again. Filed a complaint with the BBB and after chain letter after chain letter from AcaiOptimum also known as The stering solutions finally reversed the charge again. This was after they promised my account with them had been closed.

I will have to monitor my acct.

for 6 mo.Do not fall for free trial from this company!!

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Sterling Solutions - Check with the Better Business Bureau first -

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Business Name: Sterling Management Solutions, LLC.

Acai Optimum

Calais Naturals, LLC

Joieva, LLC

Joliese Tan


Business Address: 7102 W. Roosevelt Street, #100

Phoenix, AZ 85043

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Original Business Start Date: 4/22/2009

Local Business Start Date: 4/22/2009

Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Incorporated: 2009 in DE

Principal: Mike Skupin

Phone Number: (877) 251-1289

(866) 319-9880

(866) 955-7596

BBB Accreditation: This business is not a BBB Accredited Business


Website Address:

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